We're a customer service first merchandise company

What Sets Us Apart

“We worked with Brand Vessel because of how you treated us”

This is a quote from one of our clients. It’s what drives us. This is what makes us the best. Customer service is the core of our values. Our approach prioritizes the customer above all else.

Brand Vessel strives to meet every need and preference of our clients to ensure their complete satisfaction.

We are your biggest advocates. We are an extension of your team.
We have an open door policy. Walk right in. Really. Come in and we’ll help! We take pride in being a small agile team.

Anchored in Campbell, California, we are Vessel.

We navigate the vast expanse of promotional products and customized merchandise, creating bonds between today’s most pioneering companies.

Our solutions cover diverse sectors, from products and services to cultures and continents.

As the trusted crew behind our clients, we always focus on service.

Since 2010, our compass has always pointed towards understanding the profound role of touch in brand interactions.

Meet the Team

Meet John, CEO

I love my family, being outdoors (golf counts), and a good Dad joke!

Meet Camryn, Production Manager

She loves ice cream for dinner and stormy days. Astonishingly, can play any song on the piano by ear.

Meet Matt, VP of Sales

He recently became a member at Costco and finally feels like an adult.

Meet Ash, Creative Director

He loves photography and effective communication. Interestingly, was born in South Africa.

Meet Chris, Programs & Logistics Manager

Enjoys being in the wilderness and traveling. Has driven across the country multiple times.

Meet Marisa, Account Coordinator

She loves music, as well as art of all kinds, and speaks Portuguese fluently.

Meet Michelle, Sr. Account Manager

Loves good food, good vibes and karaoke to rock music.

Meet Patrick, Programs & Logistics

Enjoys producing art from paintings to digital art. Manufactures his own finger skateboards.

Meet Cindy, Client Services Project Coordinator

She Ioves iced coffee and visiting national parks.

Meet Nikki, Accounting

She loves shopping and the beach. Fun fact, she's a Glamma.

Meet Bosko, Full-stack Dev

When not writing code, he likes to write words. Even got published. Loves snowboarding & paragliding.